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I'm very much on the Left which should be evident if I'm here, which I am. Nonetheless, I am crazy about philosophy, classic lit, history, political science, and the arts. Thus again, why I am here to some degree. I have been around the world and seen kindness where I would not expect and extreme evil which is right here at home in the U S of A. I wish Americans would wake-up to reality and get their brains unlocked from church and Faux News and read and research the truth. I abhor violence and pseudo-Christians who never truly know Jesus Christ, but listen to lies from sermons every Sunday. I was brought up in the Bible Belt so I have a lot of experience with religions. But I think Marx was right about organized religion and certainly about capitalism as a poison to humans. Thus I also abhor suffering through deceitful government and elites that dodge taxes and pay lobbyists to control the laws for greed and selfishness.
  • Listening to: Tosca by Puccini
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I was watching Bill Moyers interview Chris Hedges about his new book. In one's life you hear about pollution, be in the air, water, and/or the Earth. But for the first time in my life as I was watching and listening, it dawned on me; "we are killing ourselves". Pollution was no longer just a word, it is poison. We are poisoning ourselves and does the media care?  Hell no, because their sponsors (oil, coal, and gas companies) would lose sales if people knew the truth. Do artists care, to be honest I am still shocked that artists still register Republican or Democrat and vote their party or the lesser of two evils as I used to do. This last election I was proud to vote Green Party and I'm registered with the Peace & Freedom Party. I'm 41 years old, and though it too me too long to understand life as it really is, at least now I know. But the percentage of Americans that truly understand through a college education or good friends, probably less than 5%. But I don't know for sure how many placed their votes for Independents this last election. All I know is, we need to work together to save our planet and our species from self-extinction. Not by aliens from outer space that want our resources, but energy corporations that want our money.

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